12.06.2020 - Excellent Psc Inspection at Geelong, Australia
03.03.2020 - MV Manta Asli has joined to Manta Shipping fleet.
25.10.2019 - Special survey and drydocking of Mv Ahu C has been completed at ART Shipyard in Tuzla.
08.10.2019 - Mv Cihan has got approval from USCG for enrollment into QUALSHIP21 program.
08.08.2019 - U.S. Coast Guard PSC examination has successfully completed at Norfolk, Virginia.
11.07.2019 - Another Paris Mou PSC inspection was successfully completed.
06.07.2019 - Paris Mou PSC inspection was successfully completed.
01.04.2019 - Our fleet vessel named Manta Hatice is awarded with QUALSHIP 21 certificate by USCG.
19.03.2019 - Uscg Psc inspection was successfully completed.
03.01.2019 - Manta Shipping Annual PSC Inspections Statistic
14.12.2018 - Successful PSC Inspection in Paris Mou.
27.11.2018 - Manta Shipping has attended Career Development Week in Fatsa Faculty of Maritime Sciences.
08.11.2018 - Our fleet vessel 'BINNUR C' is awarded by USCG with QUALSHIP 21 certificate.
31.07.2018 - Manta Shipping took over the management of MV NEVA.
21.05.2018 - Manta Shipping participated in Gallagher Marine Incident Management Team Tabletop Exercise 2018.