Mecit Çetinkaya / A Sailor

Mecit Çetinkaya was born in Kelkit, in Eastern Anatolia in 1912 (1328). His father Abdullah, who was one of the notable individuals in the village, his mother Havva, his brothers and sisters Melek, Fatma, Felek, Nigar, Mustafa and his uncle İbrahim were killed just before his eyes at one of the attacks by Armenian gangs to his village, and he was left all alone in this life at the age of 5 as the youngest member of the family.

Orphan Mecit was sent to the state orphanage located near the Poor House (Darülaceze), now in Okmeydanı, Istanbul upon orders of Kazım Karabekir Pasha in 1917. Kazım Karabekir Pasha brought the children whose parents had reached martyrdom before and after the independence war together, built a home for them and paid close attention to their education and upbringing. These orphans, referred to as “Kids with Blue Shirts” in the history, were raised and trained as valuable craftsmen in special work centers in order to contribute to the economy of the country. Mecit Çetinkaya is one of the fortunate children whose path was crossed with these orphanages and who was able to serve his country and nation thanks to the education provided there.


Today, we are carrying our deep roots which we stand on with the strength we take from tradition proudly into future. In every field that we offer production and service, our fundamental strategy has always been to position according to the needs and market places of the world that changes rapidly and to respond to the parameters of time without compromising on quality. The foundation our story is based on has always advised this. We have followed the guidance of providing transparent, sustainable, realistic and efficient solutions with foresight and common sense. Mutual trust and cooperation between our customers and colleagues has allways been our primary principle.

In a sector that provides services for world trade, we believe in the importance of measuring growth targets and the necessities of our time correctly by determining our service of quality in line with the needs of our ever changing and transforming world.


Mecit Çetinkaya Denizcilik / Manta Shipping

  • Today, with the strength we derive from tradition, we proudly carry our solid roots into the future.
  • In every field where we engage in production and service, our fundamental strategy has always been to position ourselves in accordance with the changing needs and market areas of the fast-paced world, without compromising on quality and promptly responding to the variables of time. The core that our story is based on has always reminded us of this.
  • With foresight and common sense, we have adopted providing transparent and sustainable solutions that are in line with the realities of the time and effective. Mutual trust and collaboration with our customers and colleagues have always been our primary principle.
  • In a sector that serves the world of commerce, we believe in determining the quality of our service by aligning it with the changing and evolving needs of the world, and correctly assessing our growth goals and the requirements of the age.


In our great journey that stretches from land to sea, we have learned that:

Continuity requires trust, dedication, and quality.

Success is entirely a team effort based on fairness and merit.

The future is achievable by correctly understanding the requirements of the era, recognizing the importance of customer satisfaction, and having a solution-oriented vision.

We pass on the strength we derive from our history to the future, just as we give back to the sea what we receive from it. We carry our power and achievements with elegance, like our flag waving in all the world's seas, and we continue to grow.

Environment Policy

We are aware of our responsibilities to the unique planet we inhabit and to all living beings with whom we share this planet, through our ships sailing in the world's seas.

In accordance with Marpol regulations, Ballast Water Treatment System equipment is installed on our ships. Currently, our existing fleet of 4 ships uses the Cosco Blue Ocean Shield brand UV Type Bwts. The installation of BWTS on other fleet ships will be completed by the end of 2022.

On our fleet ships, the use of low-sulfur fuel has been initiated since the effective date of Marpol Annex 6 rules and continues to be meticulously implemented.